The city of Steelport has many intrigues and plots going on. Several of the Archdukes have spies placed within the city and they are either moving about gathering information about the city and it’s defenses or are actively attempting to compromise said defenses.

The Arkona Family – The Arkona’s are most likely the richest family in Steelport. They have arisen from humble depths to be one of the more powerful families in the city. Once a very poor and humble noble house it has seen it’s fortunes reversed since Flannery Arkona rose as house leader. When his father died and Flannery found himself in charge he took out substantial loans from other powerful families to buy and boat and bring back several spices and goods from the Eastlands. He was gone for some time and many thought he was dead, however he returned with his boat weighed down with a fortune of goods. He was able to pay off his creditors and still have enough left over to fill the family coffers to the brim. Flannery with his new found wealth is now in control of most of the shipping docks in the harbour and is said to have his fingers in most of the trades both legal and illegal (although no proof exists). The Arkona family is very popular amongst the poor of the city as well, he often travels through the Crow’s ward handing out silver coins to the poor and beggar children. Amongst the wealthy in the city Flannery is seen as charming but powerful, he has thus resisted taking on a wife from any of the other houses despite many heads of house attempts to marry their daughters off to him.

House Tannos – Seneschal Greer Tannos (Dwarf) saw opportunity when the dragon baron was killed in battle and he seized the opportunity. Quickly he took power of the guard and place people in power that he knows that he can trust. Greer is a smart and capable ruler, in the short time that he has been here he has increased the size of the City Watch and chased away the bandits that where plaguing the highways that led into Steelport. House Tannos has always been a power to be reckoned with but now they are even more powerful than house Arkona. Greer is not easily swayed by those that saw him weak willed and he does not suffer fools lightly. Thus those who wish to curry his favour must be as equally cunning and crafty as he is and at least for appearances must have Steelport’s best interests at heart.

House Bromathan – If there is any house that rivals the wealth of the Arkona’s it would be the Bromathan family. The family has made it’s wealth in the lucrative slave trade and owns most of the slave houses. They also own some of the higher end brothels that cater to the rich and powerful. The Bromathan’s suffered some humiliation recently when their aging Scion married the dragon Lady Birkita, when he died a short time later they found that the Bloodsands had passed to her. They hate the dragonborn woman intensely and rumour has it they’ve tried to kill her on a few occasions. The current Scion Adele Bromathan schemes against House Arkona as well ways to return the Bloodsands to their possesion.

The Academae it is worth mentioning the Academae as both the the High Magus and the Master Inquisitor are said to hate each other and mettle in each others affairs as often as occasion permits. Holdtrin has openly accused Thorne of hiding tainted mages. The High Magus just laughs and walks away. Those close to both men would say that violence is coming between these two factions. Whoever will strike the first blow remains to be seen.


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