• Adele Bromathan

    Adele Bromathan

    Adele is a Dragonborn woman in her mid 30s. She keeps her brown hair cut short and adorns her skin with pasted on gems. She dresses conservatively yet with the best that money can buy.
  • Flannery Arkona

    Flannery Arkona

    Flannery has brown hair that longer and has a closely trimed beard . He always has a large toothy smile and dresses somewhat drab considering the amount of coin he has.
  • Greer Tannos

    Greer Tannos

    Greer is a middle aged Dwaven man. He is going grey and regularly dyes his grey beard beard brown.
  • Iain Thorne

    Iain Thorne

    Iain is a older elf with graying blond hair. He wears an iron circlet around his brow and wields the Hydra Staff
  • Lady Birkita

    Lady Birkita

    The lovely dragonborn woman who owns and operates the bloodsands.
  • Liam Holdtrin

    Liam Holdtrin

    Holdtrin is a mountain of a man that is bald with a black beard. His green tunic bears the symbol of the eye. The symbol of the Inquisition.