Welcome to the southern dragon empire, more specifically the city of Steelport. Life here is noticeably different than it is in the north. The lay of the land is dry and warm much like the Mediterranean region of the real world. Buildings are concrete and roads and cities are crafted out of cobblestone. People are more likely to ride camels as much as they are to ride a horse. People are more laid back and life moves at a slower pace. People tend to rise early and quit work by mid-day and then return in the early evening to avoid the hot sun. Like in the north people have been ruled by dragons for millennial. Now however with the death of the Ancients the stability that people have lived and died under is gone and the Archdukes fight over the scraps of the once great empire. Now people know war and chaos. Roving bands of monsters and bandits plague the land as the Archdukes are too busy with their intrigues and power plays to care for the common citizens of their holdings.

A Dance with Dragons

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